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Many found the film Alien 3 to be a disappointing chapter in the blockbuster movie franchise, but for a teenager in the Midwest, it was a friend to lean on in unsure times.

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As a writer and director for film and television, Bart Fisher is an emerging artist with a distinguished style of bringing original content to the screen.  Inspired by his love of music and interest in telling stories rooted in personal experience, Fisher is a unique and refreshing voice in entertainment.



"...completely romantic and fun..."

How to Fall in Love Review

John W. Kennedy, Beliefnet

"In 'A Gift of Miracles,' writer Bart Fisher does a solid job incorporating some wise insights on how to live life into a well-crafted teleplay with some good twists and interesting, likable characters."

K. Laitinen,

"This is a great movie to watch again and again."

How to Fall in Love Review

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