Journal Entries

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September 20, 2019

Compared to Him


His jeep scales the seaside cliff,

The driver in the rearview mirror,

Mysterious, cerulean eyes,

His rugged beauty already bared,

In slivered reflection


He stops when he gets to the top,

Steps out with hair wild and windy,

Whipped into perfection,

Pulling off his shirt,

Revealing his ripped body


He dives off the edge with abandon,

Into the ocean below,

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June 23, 2018

Long Walk Home


Ugh. I don’t want to today. It sometimes goes this way. I make it a point to do cardio at least twice a week. On the days I walk, it is sometimes hard to get myself out the door to tackle a two-mile path through the streets of my neighborhood. I’ll do it right after I have some coffee. Let me update my music playlists first. I can vacuum the bathroom and then head out. It’s funny the things I’m ready to do when I’m really not in the mood to get out there and burn some calories. I know! I’ll dust first. If I really stop to consider what’s going through my mind, I start to laugh. Since when have I been anxious to dust?

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July 4, 2017

Home of the Brave


I’m way behind in my journal writing. Too many things happening! And time is going by faster and faster. If only there were a pause button… :) With all that’s been going on in the news lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the great American divide. After our most recent presidential election, it does feel like that gap has widened and deepened. There is evidence of this everywhere, especially online. I read Twitter and Facebook posts filled with commentary chains, jabs being tossed back and forth from all sides. Americans are armed for battle in what feels like a warfare of verbal disputes.

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August 24, 2016

Page Break


While growing up in Indiana, August signaled the end of summer. School would soon begin. September would inevitably give way to cooler temperatures. The freedom of time that summertime brought every year would soon be gone. Here in southern California, August and September are our hot months. Summer is usually just getting revved up. The saving grace is that it’s dry heat that doesn’t carry the weight of boiling humidity. I’m deep in the trenches of working on new material.  It feels a lot like caring for something planted in the earth.  

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April 3, 2016



In college, a friend recommended I listen to Tori Amos’s breakthrough album Little Earthquakes. I didn’t want to. I was resistant to something beyond my comfort zone. Looking back, this had more to do with me and the comfort zone I hadn’t yet shed—both as a person and as a creative voice. My friend kept insisting, and finally I gave in. Upon first listen, I was hooked. How could I have avoided such great music for so long? I quickly purchased the rest of her albums, including her latest release at the time, Boys for Pele

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February 22, 2015

Making Fire


The winter sky is aflame with color. Over the past couple of weeks, southern California sunsets have been breathtaking. As is true in so much of life, it’s something to bear witness to in a fleeting moment before it disappears. This is my favorite time of year—cool weather, red hues in the sunset, and a sense of purpose as the year starts to unfold. It’s the season of possibility. I’ve heard from lots of you—old friends and new—over the past week about the premiere of A Gift of Miracles.

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December 28, 2014



Something ends, and something new begins. As 2014 draws to a close, I look back on a year of massive change. I remember reading my horoscope at the end of 2013, and that was indeed the prediction: 2014 was to bring turmoil and great metamorphosis. Little did I know what was headed my way. I lost loved ones, had to move, and forged ahead with a new script that shot in September of this year. There were extreme emotions at every turn: high highs and low lows. I stand here looking back with clouded vision. It’s a haze.