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September 20, 2019

Compared to Him

“Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.”

-Unknown Author


His jeep scales the seaside cliff,

The driver in the rearview mirror,

Mysterious, cerulean eyes,

His rugged beauty already bared,

In slivered reflection


He stops when he gets to the top,

Steps out with hair wild and windy,

Whipped into perfection,

Pulling off his shirt,

Revealing his ripped body


He dives off the edge with abandon,

Into the ocean below,

The same color as his eyes,

Overlapping cuts of hitting the water,

A sultry score dancing underneath


The commercial ends with the name

Of the cologne I should buy,

As he rocks in the surf with a woman,

Their kiss colored oceanic hues,

While my fantasy lingers


I wish I had his looks,

Those mysterious eyes,

The effortless body,

The life of diving off the side of the cliff,

The freedom of his beauty


No trace of blemished skin,

Reading labels and watching diets,

Coloring hair to cover the gray,

Working hard to gain muscle

When my body wants to stay thin


I want to be him,

Unlike my own reflection,

Unlike my secret hiding places,

Unlike everything I am

And don’t want to be


Compared to him, I’m nothing

Which is why advertising works

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